Digital Loggers

DIN Relay IV

Web power switching is now affordable!  This smart relay includes a web server, power supply, auto-ping, clock/calendar, and eight relays all in a miniaturized package at a breakthrough price! 

Control Any AC or DC Device!

Automate and control. Do it reliably. Save time. Eliminate service calls.  Reboot remote routers and APs.  Control and sequence lighting or machinery.  All you need is a browser. It's ready to use, right out of the box. 


Need something totally custom? Add your own code with the built-in scripting language, or automate externally via the Rest API. 


Our newest model adds WiFi, analog inputs, Alexa compatibility, MQTT, SNMP, and a host of new features.


Like to learn more?

Call (408) 330-5599, read the FAQs, check the updated spec sheet, or preview  the manual. 
Need something similar? We also build AC power controllers  and PoE injectors, and a DIY Arduino programmable relay.. External sensors and accessories are available separately.