Digital Loggers

Military Com Recorders

In stock -- Single channel logger Quick connection to almost any military radio.
Field proven. Simple and reliable. In stock now, overnight shipping avilable.
In stock -- Multi-channel logger Records up to 8 radios simultaneously.
Records radios to your network. Live replay. Great for training.

Record everything. Evaluate and train operators.  Improve command and control.  Save critical communications for instant recall.   Archive recordings accurately.  Convert military audio into G.711 RoIP compatible format.

Links to your COTS PC

Just snap a cable to your Windows PC and you'll be recording everything via USB.  All modern military radios are compatible, including Sincgars, Have Quick, Harris Falcon, Motorola and intercoms.

Scan Calls Instantly

Scan through thousands of recordings in seconds. Search by time and date, operator, etc. Copy, email, save or encrypt recordings with just a mouse click.  All the software you need is included.

Live Remote Monitoring

Tap in on distant communications.  Tunnel in securely over the LAN or WAN to listen in live.  Learn more - preview the installation guide.  Need multi-channel recording?  Check the multi-channel spec sheet here.

Proven US Design and Manufacturing

We support your mission.  Recorders are in stock, ready to ship. 

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