Digital Loggers

Your Local Smart Grid Ethernet Power Controller 7 Used nationwide in datacenters. Battery backed up server.
AutoPing reboot. HTTPS, WiFi, Scripting. 18 outlets.
Surge suppressed. Double grounding & more.
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Build the IoT!  Web Power Switch PRO
Smart, reliable, web-controlled power. Automatic reboot.
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Improved! Tough PoE - Powerful, Dependable PoE Rock Solid PoE with Auto-Reboot
Clean, dependable power. Battery backup. Auto-reboot.
Eliminates maintenance calls. Improves reliability.
Improved! Remotely control, reboot, or sequence power. Simple web interface.
Eight circuits. AutoPing. Programmable. Dependable.
Powerful! T1/PRI Digital Recorder Taps the entire PRI. Records everything. Easy install. Live monitor.
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Military RoIP Radio Loggers Record directly from SINCGARS, Falcon, phones and intercoms. Runs on military OS.
Single and 8-channel models. In stock. Ships overnight.
Cost Effective! 16 Channel Logging Appliance Resolve disputes. Improve performance. Add security. Record phones or radios.
Crystal clear audio.
Live monitoring. All-in-one. Free Trial!
IoT Relay Cost effective logic-controlled power relay.